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Rogue casting kits

I did alot of castings last week, one of which was of a beautiful little girl of 7 weeks, who was used to it by the time I got there! Her mum and grandma have been trying to cast her hand and foot for weeks – I asked to see the result and the materials they were given…….. and was shocked! The plaster cast was crumbling the alginate was poor quality (old and not sealed/stored properly) no wonder they were bad! Mum has spent a fortune on buying extra materials (alginate and casting powder) and was finally persuaded to call in (me!) to do the job properly. The point of this is just to warn you that buying cheap products may actually cost you more in the long run.

I was trained by a leading casting company and therefore know the ins and outs of alginates, casting powders etc, the best water/powder ratio best used for lifecasting (not just what it says on the tin when it arrives as this is often for a different use and not right).

I started Impala Impressions because I wanted to give parents a choice of having this fantastic keepsake at affordable prices, at honest prices for the quality of the goods. Don’t forget to check out for those quality goods.


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What a wonderful weekend……… nearly the end of March which has been hugely successful for me from my business point to view – hard work is starting to pay off. Don’t forget Easter gifts (an alternative to chocolate!) for your loved ones, a lasting cast of your baby/children to keep for ever, one that doesn’t pile on the pounds!!!!!!!! or cost to many of them either. Check out….

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Lullaby or pop song parent …………..?

despite research that claims parents favour pop songs to sing to their babies to send them to sleep. Infacol, a specialist in tummy care surveyed 2,353 parents and found that only 1% would choose to sing a pop song compared to 59% who would stick to old classics such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Hush Little Baby to sing their baby to sleep.

Richard Jenkinson of Lullaby Babies commented “I’m pleased to see these classic lullabies are at the top of the charts where they belong! Theses songs are hundreds of years old and have been passed down from generation to generation. I think it’s important that new parents continue this tradition by lulling their baby to sleep with the same songs their parents and grandparents used to sing to them.”

I personally used Swing Low Sweet Chariots quite alot!!!! but also Twinkle Twinkle is still a favourite of ours. Let me know what you think………………… are you a lullaby or pop song parent?

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NCT Bexley visit

Yesterday took me up to Bexleyheath to join the ladies from the Bexley NCT branch at their bump and babies meet. It was a pleasure to meet all of them and many thanks to Louise for agreeing to let me show my lifecasts.
It was a fun couple of hours and everyone was very friendly indeed, many thanks also to Jane who has agreed to distribute my leaflets to her baby groups she attends.
Good luck to the five ladies who have yet to give birth, I hope it all goes well and I hope to see you soon!
If you would like more info on the NCT please go to and click on the ‘in your area’ to find your local branch.
Bye for now!

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Impala Impressions – How is all started.. Part 2

So……… after deciding names, products etc my website was launched, see, but I didn’t just sit back and wait for the business to come in. It is hard work, believe me, it takes alot of time and dedication. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is getting your website exposed to as many people as possible and have had some great help on the way. Nikki Pilkington is a god send – check out her site Social Media is well worth it but does take a lot of time keeping up with things, this is where Nikki has helped me, with lots of tips and secrets of doing as much as possible in a short time space.

The biggest rewards in my business are for me to visit mums who have just had a baby, some need to chat and some are totally in control of their new life, my house was never that tidy in the first few months of having Ethan! Then seeing their faces when I take the finished product back to them – I haven’t had one disappointment yet!

My goals for 2009 are to expand as much as I can – Ethan will be going to school in September and I will have more time to put into the business and hope that it will grow and grow!

My casting kits are now selling really well and the feedback is great – so many of my customers have bought cheap kits and ended up buying another one from Impala Impressions and have all commented on the quality of my product.
More soon…………………….
Don’t forget to check out

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copyright scammers can be found….

Copyright Picture Checker:–

Plagerism and copyright infringement has been a pesky problem among members of the ALI over the last few years. How about you? Last week Ed McCormickdiscovered a South African website using our images and those images of other members. Their defense? Their website designer put them in their site and now the website designer disappeared. The offender agreed to take down his site until he was able to produce images of his own work.

He discovered the offender when he used for the first time. TinEye is a reverse image search engine. It is a simple site in that all you need to do is to upload your image and in a twinkling of an ‘eye’ the site searches the World Wide Web for all duplicate occasions of your image. It doesn’t matter if the original image was cropped; resized or modified it still finds it and directs you to the source.
TinEye is a website that proclaims that it “does for images what Google does for text. Start a search, and will find how many times this picture has been represented on the internet – a feat accomplished by comparing images pixel-by-pixel, and creates a so-called “digital fingerprint” for each image found, determining which pictures are similar to the one you searched for.

TinEye is in its infancy and will not return results for many pictures due to its limited database. But it is worth a start as it found mine. As it becomes more popular its aim is to retain a database of a billion web images. You can ask it to scan your site as we did so it has a record of all your images for future comparisons.

In the meantime we will continue to defend you against misuse of your images or copy if you let us know that it is happening. So far ALI has been successful 100% of the time.
don’t let these people unlawfully use your images!!!!!!!! Pass the word on. Please comment on this and ReTweet @ impalaiimpressio to let everyone know of this scam.

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Interview with Impala Impressions, baby casting – how it all started… part 1

I, Justine (known to most as Jay) Holcombe founded Impala Impressions, a baby hand and feet casting business in 2007 . The name was decided after wanting to use the word ‘impressions’ but I wanted it to be different to the usual hand and feet logos you see around, something memorable and catchy. I love animals and wanted something stunning yet something that fitted in with the baby image, impalas (african deer!) did that for me and sounds good with the word impressions.
I added the tag ‘ First Impressions Last’ which literally means get a lasting impression of the size of your newborns hand and feet.
I decided to get into baby casting after I was given a casting kit and did my son Ethan, it turned out really well and being able to see every wrinke, crease and life lines was truly amazing. I wanted to give other parents the opportunity to feel like I did when I saw my first cast, they are very different and very special.
I started by going to business link who were very helpful and spent over 6 months researching into products, trained with a leading UK casting company, got insured and launched in April 2007.
More to follow soon……………………….. in the meantime visit for details of casting kits and services.

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