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Plagerism and copyright infringement has been a pesky problem among members of the ALI over the last few years. How about you? Last week Ed McCormickdiscovered a South African website using our images and those images of other members. Their defense? Their website designer put them in their site and now the website designer disappeared. The offender agreed to take down his site until he was able to produce images of his own work.

He discovered the offender when he used for the first time. TinEye is a reverse image search engine. It is a simple site in that all you need to do is to upload your image and in a twinkling of an ‘eye’ the site searches the World Wide Web for all duplicate occasions of your image. It doesn’t matter if the original image was cropped; resized or modified it still finds it and directs you to the source.
TinEye is a website that proclaims that it “does for images what Google does for text. Start a search, and will find how many times this picture has been represented on the internet – a feat accomplished by comparing images pixel-by-pixel, and creates a so-called “digital fingerprint” for each image found, determining which pictures are similar to the one you searched for.

TinEye is in its infancy and will not return results for many pictures due to its limited database. But it is worth a start as it found mine. As it becomes more popular its aim is to retain a database of a billion web images. You can ask it to scan your site as we did so it has a record of all your images for future comparisons.

In the meantime we will continue to defend you against misuse of your images or copy if you let us know that it is happening. So far ALI has been successful 100% of the time.
don’t let these people unlawfully use your images!!!!!!!! Pass the word on. Please comment on this and ReTweet @ impalaiimpressio to let everyone know of this scam.


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