Impala Impressions – How is all started.. Part 2

So……… after deciding names, products etc my website was launched, see, but I didn’t just sit back and wait for the business to come in. It is hard work, believe me, it takes alot of time and dedication. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is getting your website exposed to as many people as possible and have had some great help on the way. Nikki Pilkington is a god send – check out her site Social Media is well worth it but does take a lot of time keeping up with things, this is where Nikki has helped me, with lots of tips and secrets of doing as much as possible in a short time space.

The biggest rewards in my business are for me to visit mums who have just had a baby, some need to chat and some are totally in control of their new life, my house was never that tidy in the first few months of having Ethan! Then seeing their faces when I take the finished product back to them – I haven’t had one disappointment yet!

My goals for 2009 are to expand as much as I can – Ethan will be going to school in September and I will have more time to put into the business and hope that it will grow and grow!

My casting kits are now selling really well and the feedback is great – so many of my customers have bought cheap kits and ended up buying another one from Impala Impressions and have all commented on the quality of my product.
More soon…………………….
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