Rogue casting kits

I did alot of castings last week, one of which was of a beautiful little girl of 7 weeks, who was used to it by the time I got there! Her mum and grandma have been trying to cast her hand and foot for weeks – I asked to see the result and the materials they were given…….. and was shocked! The plaster cast was crumbling the alginate was poor quality (old and not sealed/stored properly) no wonder they were bad! Mum has spent a fortune on buying extra materials (alginate and casting powder) and was finally persuaded to call in (me!) to do the job properly. The point of this is just to warn you that buying cheap products may actually cost you more in the long run.

I was trained by a leading casting company and therefore know the ins and outs of alginates, casting powders etc, the best water/powder ratio best used for lifecasting (not just what it says on the tin when it arrives as this is often for a different use and not right).

I started Impala Impressions because I wanted to give parents a choice of having this fantastic keepsake at affordable prices, at honest prices for the quality of the goods. Don’t forget to check out for those quality goods.


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