Childcare Voucher Scheme

Did you know about this scheme? We didn’t until this month and our son has been in nursery for 2 and a half years! We are taking advantage of the 6 months he has left!!
We all know how much childcare can cost but with this scheme gives you a form of tax relief to subsidise care. For example for every £100 you earn, an average of £30 is taken in tax and National Insurance leaving you £70.00 to spend on childcare, with the scheme you are allowed to use the full £100 and therefore better off! This is based on a standard taxpayer. Check out the HM Revenue and Customs website to check on their calculator at The Vouchers can only be used with a nursery, childminder, nanny or aupair registered with and regulated by Ofsted. Why not check out for more useful links.


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  1. Bruce

    Daddy can vouch for this – our nursery bill has just halved!