Anyone out there who is losing their first child to school this year?

I’m finding it hard to deal with and would appreciate some comforting words, I really get the feeling I’m going to lose him forever! I know he’ll be ok and I’ll be ok but I can’t help being worried, will he make friends? Will he be lonely – any comments will do.

I thought you might like to read the poem we made for his nursery, his last day on Friday ~

A is for Alex who is lovely & bubbly
B is for Babys so bouncy & cuddly
C is for Clairey who’s so shiney shine
D is for Drawing & colourings I design
E is for Ethan who will miss you all
F is for Fun, it’s been a ball
G is for George my bestest friend there
H is for Happy, it’s obvious you all care
I is for Imagination you broadened for me
J is for Jumping about with such glee
K is for Katie, she’s very smart I say
L is for Laura with her happy smiles all day
M is for Music bugs, Kimbo’s just fab
N is for Never going to forget you, today I feel sad
O is for Outstanding consistency all the way through
P is for Playing, my favourite thing to do
Q is for Quaesitosaurus, dinosaurs I love so much
R is for Rabbits, Carrot in his hutch
S is for Scrummy lunches, especially the hotpot
T is for Teaching me such a lot
U is for my Uniform, I’ll come and show you soon
V is for Vicki who is pretty and teaches good tunes
W is for the Week days I know now by the song
X is for Xylophones which we bash and play along
Y is for Yoga, Tattys favourite crew
Z is for Zillions of reasons I’ll miss you

Hope you like it!
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