1st week of school…….tears or cheers?

So the end of the week is here and the second week of what seems to be the rest of Ethans life is soon to begin. Monday was quite traumatic with half an hour at home tears and a very terrified little boy. With lots of cuddles and encouragement we managed to calm him down and get him in the car on his first journey to ‘big’ school. Once there he was fine and quite excited as we waited for the school gates to open and once inside, he found the class castle and was quite happy to wave goodbye to us.

Like giving birth, you can read and talk all you like about what it is like and what to do, but it still doesn’t prepare you fully for the emotions involved. I was fine on the Monday but the Sunday before proved a difficult day for me, with tears (that I had to hide) as I felt that I was losing my son that i’d cared for and brought up for the last four and a half years. As the week went on, those emotions have subsided, he has to go, I can’t do anything about that and I’m now excited that he is so keen to learn and please his teacher. All I can do now is still provide the support and values that I have always given and taught him and hope that he will be content and happy at school.

My love and thoughts go out to all those mummies and daddies whose little ones started school last week – be brave x



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2 responses to “1st week of school…….tears or cheers?

  1. We’ve been sobbing all the way. He didn’t want to start school and kept tearing his uniform off. Once there, he was completely mute, and rocked backwards and forwards like a sad looking caged bear. However, once he got in to the classroom and saw that it was, in fact, pretty similar to nursery, he bounded off with a smile on his face. And then it was mum’s turn to blub. It’s wonderful to lead your child somewhere, awful when you think they don’t want to go, and surprisingly hard to find they don’t really need you that much after all.