Hop Farm Christmas Market introduces baby casting kits at the weekend

Last weekend saw Impala Impressions selling baby casting kits at the Hop Farm, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the County of Kent. To book tickets click here or ring: 01622 870821.  They have a wonderful Santas Magical Kingdom going on at the moment and all the children and parents I met were having the time of their life.  Although a fairly quiet weekend (considering it was meant to be the busiest shopping weekend of the year!) alot of fun was had with other stall holders.  There were lots of interesting stalls to be found and one in particular, Cupola Potter http://www.cupolapottery.co.uk with really unusual stoneware in 3 distinct styles, all individually handmade and all one off pieces.  The price is good too so have a look! 

Demelza House had the stall next to me and are there until the 24th December, please take the opportunity to visit them, their work with terminally ill children is truly amazing, Demelza supports children and young people who are expected to die before reaching adulthood, and their families. Due to the hereditary nature of many of the children’s illnesses, some families may have more than one affected child. In many cases there is no cure. In others, treatment has been tried but failed and the focus has transferred from active to palliative care.

When a diagnosis is given which offers no hope or where treatment is abandoned, families often feel very isolated and alone in their grief. Many of the conditions from which the children suffer deteriorate slowly over a number of years, placing an enormous strain on family life. Often the child will need constant care throughout the day and night and whilst families willingly invest their total love, energy and attention into caring for their sick child, they can and do become exhausted. Healthy brothers and sisters often feel left out as attention focuses on the sick child.

Children’s hospices provide the necessary short breaks and a range of services benefiting the children and young people themselves and their wider family, which are simply not available elsewhere.  If you could take the time to donate to this fantastic charity please click here http://www.demelza.org.uk

Don’t forget to order your baby casting kits from Impala Impressions this week to guarantee for Christmas http://www.impala-impressions.co.uk


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