Keep Full Maternity in Maidstone

I had my son in Maidstone hospital and although the birth was very unpleasant (who’s isn’t!) it was comforting to know that the hospital facilities were nearby and not over 30 minutes away if not more. I would like to push this blog post and hope that many of you will read it and support the above group – Keep Full Maternity in Maidstone as we need all the help we can get. This is an excerpt of their facebook page –

Many of you may already know of the upcoming plans to cange the maternity care at Maidstone hospital, changing it from a consultant-led scheme, which has on call specialist doctors and units for special care cases to a midwifery led birthing centre, meaning mainly low-risk deliveries will be treated there.

Any pregnancy that would not fit into this “low risk” category, would then have to travel to the new Pembry Hospital when it opens in 2011, meaning increased travel for the mother in… to read more please go to

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