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Monday Blues?.. No… Bohemian Rhapsody!!!!!

Impala Impressions (with a little help from some friends) accomplished their first face castings this week!

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, time just seems to be passing too quickly at the moment! Anyone else having this trouble?!!!

Mondays are usually a groan, urgh day for most but this Monday, myself (Jay) and 3 friends undertook our first face castings. The first 2 didn’t go so well and lets say … involved shoving rolled card board tubes up noses so breathing wasn’t an issue, we soon learned that it was impossible to get the full nose covered in alginate, giving a useless mould. Many thanks to one friend who decided that she would give it a go and trust me to leave two nostril holes throught the alginate and then the plaster bandages. The whole process takes minutes then about 8 minutes drying time before prising the cast off. For a first time I thought we did execptionally well, no hair pulling (lots of vasaline!)

The girls did me and I have to say that it was a most pleasant experience, abit like having a facial massage and I found it quite relaxing, the other girls said the same.

If anyone is interested in giving this a go – give me a call on 01732521537 or email for availability and pricing.

What a fantastic and unusual present!

Let me know what you think!



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