About Impala Impressions

Impala Impressions was founded by mum, Justine (Jay) Holcombe in 2007 whilst being a stay at home mum of Ethan. 

Impala Impressions is a Babys Hand and Feet lifecasting business offering home visits in the county of Kent and 3D casting kits, inkless imprint kits, air drying clay kits and pregnant belly casting kits online nationally.  I live in Kent with my fab husband and our son Ethan. I love music, socialising, allotmenting, travel, Glastonbury and of course the art of Lifecasting!

For more info on life casting or just to take a peak at some examples of my work see http://www.impala-impressions.co.uk


One response to “About Impala Impressions

  1. mukesh mistry

    hi this is mukesh i like this concept and want to get it done for my baby , he is 4 month old and want to do his hand and feet, can you please tell us how much it will cost us.

    with best regards

    mukesh mistry

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